Action call problem within WebViewer

Hello everyone, I hope you are very well. I have a problem, I added a webviewer to my project, I exported it to test it, it turns out that my problem is the following: Everything is going very well, except when on the web, I click on a whatsapp button so that it takes me directly to whatsapp to write to the phone number that I associated, in short, the problem is that it appears normal but in a second I get the error "This website is not available" And I verified that the same thing happens to me every time I try to click somewhere from my website to take me elsewhere. Could you offer me a solution?

I am pretty certain you cannot run WhatsApp inside the webviewer, you have to open the whatsapp app. In order to follow your link in the webviewer you may need a deep link or other extension to achieve what you want

Could you help me with that please?

You could try this in the standard webviewer:

or use the Custom Webview:

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