A new game, Clicker Game! (sorry I'm bad at making up game names)

Introducing, Clicker Game!


  • Endless fun
  • Lots of upgrades
  • no ads


Upgrader (Upgrades the amount of money you get per click by one)
QR Code money (Gives the amount of money from the number on the qr code)
Pedometer (Gives you 1 money every step)
Command Line (Gives you 1000 money every time you type in the command that is said when you buy it)
Voice Money (Gives you 10 money when you say anything in the voice thing)
Auto money (I think this explains itself... It gives you money as if you had clicked every second)


Download at tails2012tim Appstore!

Tails2012tim Appstore v2


uh.. me
I did not use any extensions.
(Just the activitystarter for updates)


Video Demo



v1.0: released game!
v1.1: added QR code money (you scan a qr code with only a number to get that amount of money)

what about providing some more information about your clicker game... how is it different to other clicker games, why should anyone download it?
also some screenshots or a video would be nice...

without that it looks like you just want to attract people to your site...
and most people will just igore your post...

see for example how it is done here Hungry Frog game using Canvas Edge Reached, Heading, Speed blocks


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oh sorry. Let me add those

Those images doesn't explain what your app does. Why don't you use images in your game as it is a clicker game? Explain which buttons you have to press to make it work.

I finished