A function returning file contents?

concurrent in a single-thread?

The main processing block can't continue until the file contents are available. Memory limits of the device preclude reading all the files in advance. Since it needs the file contents it calls the 'readDataFile' function. Because the file read operation is split into two blocks, 'File.Readfrom' and 'File.GotText', there is no way to get the result back to the main routine that called 'readDataFile' (without introducing a polling loop).

A 'when' (I would call this block a 'wait-for-event') block shaped like a 'set' block that could be placed into the function definition could fix the problem. There are other solutions also, but I don't see a way to make this happen in AI2 as it stands now.

I didn't see the second line before. Can you tell me more about 'anonymous procedure'?

i mean this:

People keep asking to see my blocks. I have been ignoring the request because I think showing you 1200 blocks is not going to help you answer my question. I have implemented the first three items on my requirement list and then tested. Everything was working. Don't assume I don't understand what I am doing. When I started implementing the fourth requirement (where the file stuff begins), I discovered the odd way in which files are handled in AI2. I've included a screen shot of part of my Screen1. You don't need the details to answer my question. I have asked the question that deals with the essential issue.

I would guess that fewer than 50 blocks from this has anything to do with the files part.

Your blocks image is unreadable. In the Blocks Editor, right click and download blocks as Image.

I said you don't need the details. That is why it is unreadable.

Yes we need!

If you don't show properly, we can't help you, at all!

You do not. The challenge is to write a function accepting a filename and returning the file's content. It is as simple as that.

Ok, fine! If you don't show! I won't show you either!

IF you want me to show, show the blocks to everyone!!

Don't ignore.

You also have to do some things for your self.

Because it can't be done... Prove me wrong.

Just tell me that you can tackle the challenge without telling lies -- that will be enough.

I once tried this experiment, but succeeded, but I lost that project.

I'm telling the truth!

I think someone would have been able to answer the question within three days if what you are saying is true.

You might consider using this.

I think it is already mentioned in this topic but I'm posting this anyways.

Receive the file path an open that using Activity Starter but get the path with this extension.

Why isn't anyone trying to get the main code-base fixed instead of making extensions to fix the giant hole?

So you think even creating an app for 3D Graphics (for example) should be fixed by MIT ?

Think before you answer.

One thing you could do is

Report the bug here:

I don't understand what you are asking.

I had looked at the extension you mentioned above before I first posted, but I don't see anything in it that deals with reading a file -- just accessing files that are difficult to get to from within AI2. I think it would still rely on the ReadFrom and GotText methods.

check the above post as a last resort.

Thanks. I'll check out the GitHub repo.

Seriously though, you said you (I think it was you, at least) would provide the blocks for the function a day ago. Did you really find an answer?

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