10880 block limit exceeded - compiler error DX execution failed

The dx error might be from an individual block of code that breaks a stack limit during build.

Where is your longest if/then/elseif chain?

Or your deepest nested code?

Thank you ABG. I used to use unchive and it's really very useful, but unfortunately doesn't solve the problem.
The DX problem is disappearing as soon as I delete blocks in ANY procedure. It's important only not to reach the limit of 10880 blocks.
It means that this problem is not connected with a partucular procedure/block.
Thank you for Ai2Helper browser extension - I'll try to use it

I did. But the problem persist

possible to move some functions to another screen?

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Not having seen any of the 10800 blocks, I have to rummage around for techniques of block reduction to recommend.

This online book helped me to simplify my code through abstraction:

One of its authors, Hal Abelson, is a father of AI2.

You can share your Aia project for testing.

With 10800 blocks, I would also take any bet that these can be significantly reduced (without sacrificing functionality).

When my hard drive is full, I use a utility (SpaceMonger) that maps the drive space by directory.

It readily shows where I spent my hard drive space.
Iy would be informative to apply that to an AI2Helper .zip download of your blocks.

Thank you Kevinkun.
It's surely possible. Instead of multiple screens I used to use arrangements.
I'll try to substitute 1+2 arrangements with screens

Surely Anke, the optimisation is always possible, and it's exactly what I'm doing.
But the problem is not in the way of how to reduce the number of blocks. The problem is in the limit of those blocks. How to avoid/bypass/increase this limit?
Do you know the solution?

Again, by reducing the number of blocks. As soon as you realize that you are approaching 10,000 blocks, you should ask yourself whether the blocks can be significantly reduced. And the answer to that is regularly: yes.

Thanks ABG - I know very well how to reduce the number of blocks and I'm doing it.
But my question is not about blocks reduction. My question is about the maximum number of those blocks. How to increase or bypass it. I don't want to have this limit over my head all the time! And if this limitation exists and can't be bypassed - the only solution for me for developing my next app - will be another compiler. The next app must have even more features than the current one (which I haven't finished yet).

But I will try to follow Kevinkun's recommendation - moving 1-2 arrangements with related procedures to another screen - maybe it could be the solution

To know if there is a general limit, we need your aia to compile in different environments.
(If you don't want to make it public, I offer to PM it to me.)

I moved around 300 blocks to another screen exceeding the total amount of 11100 blocks within the project and the DX compiling problem disappeared!!!
The solution proposed by Kevinkun is very simple and... Brilliant!!!
A thousand thanks to all who was trying to help and in particular to Kevinkun!
It seems that AI can also be used for large projects with many features!
The limit of maximum amount of blocks (about 10.000) is valid only for one screen.
P.S. I will continue my development and let you know if there are any problems

10,000 blocks is not a fixed limit. It is also dependent on other things, such as the number of components on the screen. Everything matters.

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