I thought too have finished Closed Test , but really Google requests once more

Hi there,
I ask Testers Community to closed test my application "Season Clock".
20 testers for 14 days done.
After it I subscribed requested form. In those questions I can not write anything on how test is done, what improved Google requests.
Because I don't know who are testers how they tested and nothing email to me.

This is the Message from Google

Critical messageMore testing required to access Google Play production

We reviewed your application, and determined that your app requires more testing before you can access production.

Possible reasons why your production access could not be granted include:

  • Testers were not engaged with your app during your closed test
  • You didn't follow testing best practices, which may include gathering and acting on user feedback through updates to your app

Before applying again, test your app using closed testing for an additional 14 days with real testers.

For a full list of reasons, and to learn more about what we're looking for when evaluating apps for production, view the guidance.

Go to App dashboard

Thank you,

The Google Play Console Team

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On the above, I have no idea how to finish Closed Test.
In same way as "Testers Community" it does gather 20 testers but substantial tests and results are not gained.
What helps developer to do closed test?

What shall I write the Google form after Closed Test without any information on how test is done what result is.


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