How can my app speak more languages from Text To Speech?


I want my app to translate from google translator (I am using the google translator extension). After translating it should speak it, But the text to speech component has only 5 languages.
What do I do, so that it speaks more than 5 languages?

The languages and countries available depend on the particular device, and can be listed with the AvailableLanguages and AvailableCountries properties.

I meant that like in a platform 'Thunkable' has many languages like hindustani(hindi),punjabi,etc.

Is there any aix extension for it?

You can search the following for a TTS extension:

Did you find an appropriate extension? If you did, let us know which one; if you did not find one, let us know, there is probably none. If there are none, what should you do? Perhaps use Thunkable.

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No there's nothing for it!

I've tried to set the language in blocks. It worked but, it told Odia's language very weirdly.

Odia is an Indo-Aryan language spoken in the Indian state of Odisha. You can use several India 'languages' with TTS with Google's TTS. There is no Odia option to set the TextToSpeech using App Inventor. Odia is not listed either in Google's Cloud TTS or the options that are part of the Android system

Probably because you set the country code to IN but there is no language code for Odia.

Learn about Odia and TTS using options other than Google TTS.

No, there's not in the design but in the blocks through ISO 639-1 language code it works.

How to speak.gettext in Tamil and set the language in speak to Tamil

ta-IN (ta) is the ISO code to set lang in Tamil.

I do not believe the Tamil language is available in either Text To Speech or using the built in SpeechRecognizer ,

There are alternative Tamil language apps that might be usable with App Inventor.