HELP me please for school (quiz app on single screen)

i have making a quiz for school assignment
there is three list but only use 1 screen
is it possible ?
please help me
i am new for this :sob: :sob: :sob:

Welcome masgarlic.

Yes it's possible.
And what have you tried?
There are lots of posts about quiz. You can search the community for some ideas.

testi (1).aia (11.1 KB)
first screeb to choose what list i want to choose
i am stuck

blocks image please, unless you are invited to post an aia file.

right click on the block area, download the image, upload here.

iwan to choose soal or soal_2
i am very newbie here am 12 years
or may be you to help make example
i will be happy

The posts with the most readable blocks images get the quickest answers.

Look for the Clean Up Blocks right click option and post a new image for faster response.

Your blocks image looks like my sock drawer.

Welcome @masgarlic

Here are some complex examples that might help you with your Project.

Tutorial by Taifun showing one way App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Advanced Features | Pura Vida Apps.

The President's quiz President's Quiz

CheckBoxQuiz How do you make a quiz in one screen? - #23 by SteveJG and How do you make a quiz in one screen? - #60 by SteveJG

thanks you sir

i am trying to make a quiz abda wanna make random for the quesion
but my block didn't work
would you help me again please

Use a list of lists... see for example


but i have 5 list
the choice

i have learned that app but i am stuck
i am newbie sorry :sob: :sob: :sob:

You can achieve it easily..

Share as some sample aia (not main) with all of your attempt so that we can fix and assist you