> Guys I need App like Uber Please Help Me

Guys do you have App Like Uber, if you have an app like uber please share with us
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We have also women here you know.

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Hmmm Please Help Me

Try here: (you could have found this by googling…)


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Yes, I know, but the video is not for studied. The video just promotes the app he made

The text in Tim’s link and Tutoriel au format pdf . explains how Pierre Huguet made his β€˜uber’ app. This is an old tutorial (2016). Pierre used a FusionTable as a database which Google no longer supports. If you do not speak French, read the tutorial using Google Translate. Also, he does not use the Map component for his displays; instead he uses urls to OpenStreetMap (the same map tiles linked using the MIT Map component).

It is a great tutorial (if a little dated due to new technology since it was published). Also, it is not a tutorial showing exactly how to replicate Uber; it provides the tools necessary for someone to make an Uber like app. The tutorial does an excellent job showing one way to get the maps and the techniques’ enables (developers) to build β€œlocation aware” Apps which can display and interact with our spatial environment : build games like Pokemon Go or services like pizza delivery management or manage a fleet of vehicles like Uber.’

Thank you very much StaveJG :smiley:

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