Deficiency of vitamins into deficiency of vitamins in human

Hi, I have one short proposal for you. I want to make an app that is Acupressure special. This app is very useful for people. For making this app I want you to help me in this project. Anyone interested. I have no idea about this

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Welcome @Myra for joining this community, thanks

Hello, for sharing the idea to make it implemented with app inventor, but you need to more detailed information about this. What I can make sense is acupressure is a therapy which involve compressing some section of body to to trigger the nervous System which is seems to be mechanical aspect of the idea and other think what you discussed is which is related to vitamins and vitamin is related to the human blood parameters. Some more details is needed for the requirement analysis.

Please go with the link below when you want to share any Ideas or issues, this definitely will help you.


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You will need some kind of mechanical component on your phone. You could use Arduino too.

Checking for the deficiency of vitamins is not possible at the current moment. You'll need to get a blood test for that :\

Yes, you are Right but in blood test we come to know about how much percentage of vitamin is less in our body .In actually the symptoms describe us which vitamin is less in our body. so, from this app people first take symptoms quiz and then we suggested them a full diet chart which helps them.

Oh, ok got it. Basically you want to make a "personalised" quiz app.
You first need to prepare a question bank, then maybe some conditions on the basis on which you would give them a diet chart. But if you have say 5 questions, there are a lot of possibilities depending on the number of questions you have ( Probability in Mathematics). Maybe implementing some AI may help.

That would go a long way, but there are many easy ways too. Just search "Quiz" (without " " obviously) in the search bar at the top of the community.



Will you help me in making this??

Hello @Myra

Here's something for you to start

How to calculate correct answers and wrong answers in a quiz app

It would be good if you use the search feature :mag: to start with a app development.


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Thanku for your support :sparkles::+1::handshake:

Here's another: You could ask the user some questions, and they can input them in textboxes. Then, they can click a button, which "submits" (not really) their information. For example, how good their vision is at night - on a scale of 1-10 (although this may be problematic as different people would have different understandings of this). Based on this data, you could suggest something (carrots and fish in this case since it's a Vitamin A deficiency). If somebody submits an incorrect integer/number (<1 or >10) then you can ask them to retry.

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