Custom Toast Extension

Hey Everyone,
This extension helps you to create a custom toast with a given arrangement.It only have one function and three properties.



You can set Toast Duration 0 for Short length and 1 for Long length.
You can set Toast Gravity like Center,Top,ect…(In Integer) Check gravity values here.
You can also set if you want roundedCorners in toast or not.(Set layout background color to none and use bgcolor option in extension to use it succesfully)




v3 - CustomToast.aix (7.8 KB)
v2 - CustomToast.aix (7.7 KB)
v1 - CustomToast.aix (7.4 KB)

Update v2 - Added designer property to change notifier location by x and y.
Update v3 - Added Set arrangement property.


Updated Extension

I found I had to set the arrangement to not visible on initialisation, then set to visible when calling the toast. Worked OK after that. Seems the extension doesn’t “hide” the arrangement from the start ?

It just hide the arrangement when you call the function to show toast and connect arrangement block in it

how can it hide the arrangement from the start :sweat_smile: because it takes the arrangement in the function

Works with other similar extensions - e.g. Dialog Any Thing Extension by Zhangzqs

is tht you make it by your self

Yup, this exntension is made by me

Oh,maybe because he is using property…
I can fix it in next update by doing the same thing

:+1: Sounds good to me


because i see just mit app inventor dont have google ads, okay thank you @Krishjha07 for you time

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Third version is out!

Well done :+1:
Is there a link to the 3rd version with the update ?

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:sweat_smile:I forgot it…now added in the first post