Check if item exist in first column of list then call the rest of the information

I have a set of data in csv file consisting of students Name, Mark, and Pass/Fail status. The flow would be student enter their name into textbox, if name is available (in column 1) then rest of the info will be shown (column 1,2 & 3) in a label. However, I only able to cross check the textbox with only the first line of the list. It doesn't loop inside the column 1 to check the textbox.

The data set is as follow,

Please help me point out which block should I edit and how so that it can loop check the textbox content with column 1, and then if it exist can call the rest of the column in the same line. Regards.
CheckMark2.aia (3.5 KB)
StudentMarks.csv (61 Bytes)

Isn't all of this covered in your other topic?

Issue solved by generating list from csv and use correct method to do lookup from specific row.